The EQUATOR Network is an overarching reporting guideline initiative aimed at enhancing the quality and transparency of health research. Resources for authors, editors, and guideline developers (among others) are available on the website. The EQUATOR Network Library archives the 300+ reporting guidelines that have been published for various types of research/study designs.

Many global health estimates begin with a systematic review of the published literature. Authors of systematic reviews should consult the PRISMA guidelines (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) for reporting their review.

GATHER requires that input data be made available in a file format from which data can be extracted efficiently (item 8) and that authors state how analytic or statistical source code can be accessed (item 14).  Online data repositories recommended by PLOS and Scientific Data include Dryad Digital Repository, figshare, The Dataverse Project, the Open Science Framework, and Zenodo.